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Inspection & Containment

Certifying Great Product For Your Customer

Third Party Containment & Sorting Services

When defective parts are found, timing and accuracy can be paramount. QLS understands what it takes to work through a potentially disruptive situation and get your parts back on track. The third party containment and sorting services include:

  • Daily Reporting though the QLS Dot tracking system
  • Responsive teams – Quick to start, quick to finish
  • Professional attitude to represent you well
  • Defined work instructions and project details
  • Accurate time and part counts
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Sorting & Containment

QLS places experienced representatives in OEM production facilities to monitor the quality of incoming supplied material, parts and products.

OEMs recommend QLS to suppliers requiring monitoring, measurement, sorting or repair to meet quality standards.

Suppliers hire QLS to provide instant feedback to any quality issue and trending information that can be used to improve their manufacturing processes. The intent is to be instantly responsive on any potential concern arising.

"QLS is the only company we trust to inspect all the parts we have coming in" - OEM Customer
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Quality Professional Dedicated to your success

The Power of the QLS Tag

A shipment of your parts arrives. The second part picked out of the shipment is missing a fitting. If the rest of the shipment has the same problem, the OEM's line shuts down in the next 45 minutes.

QLS checks the entire shipment, finds one more part missing the fitting and diagnoses the problem as a missed threading operation. You are notified immediately to check your work in process and hot-ship two parts for tomorrow’s production. If possible, QLS repairs units on the OEM's floor. The OEM’s line continues on knowing that all of your parts with the QLS tag are good.

Are you shipping those same parts to multiple OEM plants? If you have QLS in place you can check your quality status instantly in all of those plants simultaneously with one call.

Benefits of Working with QLS 

  • A solid reputation built on the manufacturing floor
  • 24/7 immediate response
  • Highly technical, experienced and knowledgeable team members
  • Multifunctional attention to details
  • Cloud-based project tracking system

Increase Productivity

OEM Services

QLS acts as a liaison between OEMs and their suppliers handling incoming quality concerns, installation modifications and other special projects.

Strengthen Customer Relationships

Supplier Services

Suppliers depend on QLS to provide instant response, resolution and superior communication on a wide range of issues that occur inside both their and OEM customer's facilities.