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New Product Launch

An Integrated Solution From Product Development To Production

Using Taguchi's methods

Product Launch Support Services 

After development, a new product’s long-term success often hinges on the capability to bring it to market. The inability to meet customer demand or ramping up production before design prove-out can have disastrous outcomes. 

Ensure you’re ready for mass manufacturing with product launch support services from Quality Liaison Services. We provide a full range of validation and inspection services for high-volume manufacturers across an array of industries

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New Product Inspection Services

An innovative product can undergo the utmost research and development, but it can still fail in the marketplace. It’s not because the design was inherently flawed, but other factors like ease of manufacture, production capacity, quality assurance, and supplier capability. Not validating these aspects of a new product launch can lead to missed deadlines, customer disappointment, recalls, and, ultimately, lower revenues. 

Avoid those pitfalls with assistance from QLS. As a global quality assurance leader, we assess and fine-tune your existing launch process or implement a new solution that improves product quality, which often results in faster time-to-market and time-to-profit. Our approach is built upon the following product quality validation services: 

Phase 1

Engineering Validation

After product conceptualization, an engineering prototype is manufactured and validated. Without this step, this can cause potential delays and can be costly in the development cycle. QLS personnel provide onsite surveillance and inspection services, watching in-process manufacturing, and deliver informative assessments.

Phase 2

Quality Validation

Every product has critical or significant characteristics that impact fit, form, and function. Our inspectors are onsite to verify conformity of small batches of parts and give feedback. With our quality validations, data compiled can determine whether a manufacturing process generates accurate, precision components in a repeatable manner.

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Phase 3

Volume Validation

Verifies that large batches of products fit, form, and function as intended. If the parts were manufactured offsite, the supplier might be present. The final assembly is surveilled, and any issues are recorded for further action. This allows you to confirm that the supply chain has appropriate compliance and quality before kicking off mass manufacturing.

With QLS’ new product inspection services, we provide a high degree of assurance that a specific process will consistently produce a product that meets pre-determined specifications and quality characteristics. This helps to:

  • Streamline product manufacturing
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Improve end-product quality
  • Ensure compliance

Product Development Solutions

Developing new products is hard. It requires ingenuity, trial and error, and patience, which takes up a lot of time. That’s why partnering with QLS on product launch support gives you an advantage. Industries we serve include: 

Generating Value

Benefits of Partnering with QLS

  • A solid reputation built on the manufacturing floor
  • 24/7 immediate response
  • Highly technical, experienced and knowledgeable team members
  • Multifunctional attention to details
  • Cloud-based project tracking system
  • Plant-wide accessibility and recognition

Our field employees have access to QLS Vüe, a wearable camera solution that enables customers to watch inspections. This facilitates real-time responses as opposed to long email chains that take up valuable time and data.

Deliver a high-quality product to market faster with QLS. We provide innovative solutions for new product development challenges. 


OEM Services

QLS acts as a liaison between OEMs and their suppliers handling incoming quality concerns, installation modifications and other special projects.


Supplier Services

Suppliers depend on QLS to provide instant response, resolution and superior communication on a wide range of issues that occur inside both their and OEM customer's facilities.