Quality Control Services

  • Onsite representation
  • Quality Inspection
  • CS1/CS2 Sorting/Containment
  • NCP Rework/Repair
  • New Product Launch
  • Reflash Support
  • Field Fix Engineering
  • Quality Trending
  • Special Projects

QLS helps OEMs maintain high quality productivity

QLS works with manufacturers to monitor the incoming quality of OEM-specified Suppliers, taking remediation measures if necessary to maintain production throughput and assure proper quality standards. 

OEMs use QLS in two ways:

  1. They recommend Suppliers work with QLS when quality problems are seen on incoming parts. QLS works to correct the issues and communicates proper resolutions to the Supplier. 
  2. QLS represents their contracted Supplier/customers in special projects in the OEM’s facility. Examples are field fixes for quality problems, parts rework, installation issue resolution, etc.

In every relationship, QLS provides root cause analysis, constant monitoring and quality trending information to help Suppliers continuously improve their manufacturing consistency.


Introducing YardGuard 

QLS has expanded its range of operations from inside OEM plants to shipping yards, docks and other areas where finished products can be reviewed prior to reaching dealers or customers. Learn more about how you can reduce your warranty costs and safeguard your brand's reputation with YardGuard by clicking here.