Quality Monitoring — Expertise, Speed, Clarity

As QLS monitors a Supplier's parts on an OEM's factory floor, we bring a combination of high expertise, speed of response and clarity of communication to the process. Suppliers can get immediate action on any quality concern. Suppliers with QLS in multiple locations can get that same instant response across all of their customers' plants simultaneously.

Quality monitoring is about more than checking parts.  We create relationships with the installers of a Supplier's products to really understand how the products are seen from the OEM's perspective. We build rapport with the OEM's quality people, engineers and plant management. We advocate on the Supplier's behalf to keep quality issues from becoming larger problems. By working with QLS, Supplier's can avoid costly fines or holds on their incoming parts supply; OEMs can avoid expensive warranty claims and brand damaging field problems.  

More than anything, QLS prides itself in being a strong link in the OEM-to-Supplier chain. We establish that one personal relationship at a time.