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Quality Control Services

Quality Focus — At your customer and on your floor


You will notice throughout this website that we always capitalize the word Suppliers. We do that to honor work Suppliers do and the pressures they shoulder.

Tier 1 Suppliers to equipment manufacturers are increasingly loaded with the risk and responsibility of supplying single digit PPM rates on products delivered on a just-in-time basis. There is no margin of error accepted; no time allowance to make things right. That’s why many Suppliers who have QLS representation at their OEM customer sites also use QLS in their own plants to supply the same type of quality liaison on the supply of incoming product.

At OEM facilities QLS provides a link between OEMs and Suppliers. That can take many forms ranging from CS1/CS2 quality monitoring, sorting and containment, to special projects involving the modification or installation of the Supplier’s products. First and foremost, QLS supplies instant reaction and communication when a quality issue is found in the OEM’s facility. Through the speed and clarity of accurate information, QLS professionally represents the Supplier while assuring high quality productivity for the OEM.

Having QLS work in the entire supply chain can lower a Supplier’s overall cost of quality and drive continuous improvement of their manufacturing process.

  • Onsite representation
  • Quality Inspection
  • CS1/CS2 Sorting/Containment
  • NCP Rework/Repair
  • New Product Launch
  • Reflash Support
  • Field Fix Engineering
  • Quality Trending
  • Special Projects