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Save Money By Repairing Parts. It’s Our Specialty.

QA Containment Repair Services

Almost all manufacturers encounter scenarios in which their production lines generate flawed components. When these parts reach the Original Equipment Manufacturer, the supply chain disruption can reverberate throughout the facility and alter production targets, employee efficiency, and, ultimately, supplier confidence. 

A batch of nonconforming products doesn’t have to halt OEM shop production, though. Avoid costly downtime and shipment delays with high-value containment repair and rework services from Quality Liaison Services.

QLS prides itself on the tenure of our people. With that experience, we know how to work with our customer’s parts. We repair or rework more than 70% of the defective parts we find. The resulting benefits are extensive:

  • Return shipping costs are eliminated
  • Replacement parts are unnecessary
  • OEM downtime is significantly reduced

Repairing parts from your suppliers inside your facility or your parts in the OEM facility is the kind of service we do every day. QLS can accomplish your containment and rework service needs anywhere in North America.

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Benefits On-Site Rework Services

Product defects come in different forms, sizes, and severities, and they’re a problem that significantly impacts both the supplier and OEM. Products that don’t fit or function as intended can cause expensive recalls, elicit negative customer feedback, harm company perception, and hurt the bottom line.

Having highly trained personnel capable of timely repair and rework onsite at the end destination is a proactive way to resolve nonconformities before they influence production, cause failures, or force recalls. Benefits of onsite rework and repair services include: 

  • Saves money long term
  • Keeps work going
  • Reduces employee downtime
  • Eliminates return shipping costs
  • Avoids interruptions to production flow
  • Avoids potential penalties

Innovative OEMs bring in support, which enables them to continue doing what they do best. That’s where QLS fits in. 

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"QLS has more of a plan and strategy put together when they come into the plant, whereas other providers are followers and just wait to be told what to do" - Supplier Customer
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Our Rework & Repair Capabilities 

To keep production moving, QLS technical personnel visit the facility containing the flawed parts. They inspect the flawed parts and assess the nonconformity before coming up with a novel solution and implementing the fix. Our capabilities include: 

  • Cosmetic repair
  • Surface preparation
  • Hole drilling
  • Wire harness repair
  • Part modification to meet drawing or design revision change

Generating Value

Why Partner with QLS

At QLS, we have technicians devoted to helping companies prevent part waste strategically positioned across North America and in select locations around the world. Benefits of working with us include: 

  • A solid reputation built on the manufacturing floor
  • 24/7 immediate response
  • Highly technical, experienced and knowledgeable team members
  • Multifunctional attention to details
  • Cloud-based project tracking system
  • Plant-wide accessibility and recognition

Industries We Serve

Whether it’s quality standards, regulations, or general expectations, each industry is different. We take pride in adapting to customer needs and performing at a high level, no matter the situation.  

We use professional, well-informed, and responsive people to rework and repair the parts you need. They adhere to all facility policies and safety protocols. Here are the industries we serve: 

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Focus on Production, Not Supply Chain Issues

Whether you’re rolling out a new product or servicing an ongoing need, part conformance issues will come up. These can cause production delays and hinder relationships.

Improve operational performance with high-value onsite containment rework and repair services from QLS. Our quality assurance solutions improve supply chains and stop problems before they begin.

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OEM Services

QLS acts as a liaison between OEMs and their suppliers handling incoming quality concerns, installation modifications and other special projects.


Supplier Services

Suppliers depend on QLS to provide instant response, resolution and superior communication on a wide range of issues that occur inside both their and OEM customer's facilities.