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“We had problems moving people from plant to plant when a fix had to be done at multiple OEM sites. 

QLS handled it instantly at all of the facilities simultaneously.”   Tier 1 Supplier 


QLS provides a unique working arrangement for both equipment OEMs and their Tier 1 Suppliers.

For OEMs the QLS team becomes a part of their quality strategy. We are directed to Suppliers who have quality problems in the plant; we act as a Supplier's representative in special projects requiring investigation, engineering or other types of repair; we provide a communication bridge to make priorities clear and remedies understood for the OEM and Supplier teams working together to assure high quality assembly of a final product.

For Suppliers, QLS is an extension of their company on site at the OEM's facility. We talk about quality monitoring, sorting and containment, but the primary role we play with a Supplier is the act of liaison between them and their OEM customer. The QLS link generates value for both parties.

The return on a Supplier's investment in QLS representation comes from a long list of activities and opportunities:

  • Avoiding fines and other penalties from the OEM
  • Avoiding the return of unusable products
  • Eliminating the waste of time and expense of focusing on non-value-added activities
  • Concentrating only on validated issue
  • Performing well on problem resolution leading to the opportunity to quote new business
  • Building OEM customer loyalty and continued sales

Most importantly a Supplier benefits from the ongoing confidence an OEM develops in their Supplier relationship simply born of the responsiveness supplied by QLS.


See how QLS generates value for OEMs and Tier 1 Suppliers in this Infographic