Project information where and when you need it

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When you have a quality project underway, you need accurate and timely information to track its status and make decisions on the fly. With QLS Dot that process is simple and efficient. All project information is available online in a secure database accessible at the touch of your laptop, tablet or smartphone. All screens are totally responsive to your device size. We know, for example, that over 30% of our clients are accessing their project information on smartphones.

We call this online service Dot because it is focused on resolution. When you have an issue, QLS is on it -- from initial notification to fully documented resolution, QLS clients have 24/7 access to the project's status.

QLS Dot In Action

  • Dedicated secure online database for all project information

  • Detailed information where and when you need it

  • Project statistics at the part, person and project level

  • Inspection results, photos and other files — all online

  • Online approvals for work instructions or project updates

  • Running history on all parts involved

  • Accountability based on hours worked and work completed

  • Quality documentation for reporting to management

  • Simple and direct interaction with the QLS team


QLS Dot Key Elements


Summary of Project Information

Project Metrics at a Glance


Simple editing for addition of content

Work instructions and all contact information in one place

Material identification clear and concise

Space for notes 

Ability to attach photos, spreadsheets, PowerPoints etc.

Part identifiers explained by lot, part number, etc.

Containment reports show number of good, repaired and rejected parts

Project hours and travel documented in report entries


Contact information for the total project team by name, email link and phone

All information in a secure database requiring authorized login for access

All online content formatted for responsive sizing for mobile devices